Additional Services

PowerPoint Presentations

As part of my Additional Services I can amend or add slides to existing PowerPoint Presentations using the same format that you have, or type up a presentation from hand written slides.  You just tell me what you want to presentation to look like and I will produce a presentation that you can use, whether you are just printing the slides out or actually giving a presentation where you might need some animation in it.  Tables and graphs can also be incorporated and animated as well.

Document Comparisons

As well as PowerPoint Presentations included in my Additional Services is a Document Comparisons service.  If you have two versions of the same document but can’t spot the changes, just email both documents to me and I can use comparison software to compare the two documents and highlight the differences.  I can then send you a new document highlighting the changes so it looks like the document has been track changed.  I just need to know which is the older document and which is the newer one!

Converting PDF Documents to Word or vice versa

My Additional Services also includes converting PDF Document to Word or vice versa.  I can convert a PDF document into Word and then format the document so it is a usable version of the document.  When you do convert a PDF document to Word it doesn’t incorporate all the formatting, for example, at the end of every line there is a “hard” return instead of a space.  This can cause problems if you start adding any text to the document.  Any tables that are incorporated into the document will need to be formatted as well.

For any documents that I type or amend I will always follow the rules that are set out in “Amending and Formatting Document”.

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